Community is the Foundation of our Research

Community input throughout the RURAL Cohort Study is at the heart of our research. We will include the community and participants at every stage of the research. By working with local leaders and community organizations, we will ensure your health concerns are recognized.


We Value Your Input

Some members of our team will work with community members and local organizations to engage participants. We will provide a network in the rural counties between researchers, health-related providers, and local groups to address health outcomes.

We aim to share county-specific results with community organizations and other groups in this network. This information may also guide future programs to improve health in their local area. All rural communities will have access to county-level findings as data becomes available throughout the study period.

Hiring Locally

There are many ways for community members to get involved with the RURAL Cohort Study, either as a member of an advisory board, or as a Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC). We will invest resources to ensure these CECs are trained to a high standard. The training will ensure they are professional, caring, and very responsive to participants and their needs and preferences.

Future Advisory Boards

What is an advisory board?

A group of individuals who have been selected to give advice to the RURAL Cohort Study team.

Our goal is to partner with communities for research. This requires the creation of advisory boards that are tailored to the needs of the communities. Our team will work with both community members and local organizations to create these advisory boards. These boards are participant focused and inspired by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

The Community Advisory Boards will include community engagement coordinators, community members, participants, and some members of our team. They will meet regularly to ensure that we understand the concerns of rural community members. This will allow our research to have the greatest benefit to participants and their communities.

We’re beginning to recruit in Mississippi!

The Mobile Examination Unit will visit Oktibbeha, Mississippi in late 2022. In future years, we will visit Louisiana and Kentucky. Check back in the coming months for more information.