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NIH News in Health: Health in Rural America

About 20% of Americans live in rural parts of the country. Rural areas have more space, fewer people, and scenic landscapes. Residents often have a common sense of community. But living in a rural area can also bring challenges for staying healthy.

Heart & Lung Study Underway in Dallas Co.

A research study underway in Dallas County aims to prevent heart and lung disease in rural areas. Rural areas like Dallas County tend to be some of the most under-served in the country when it comes to healthcare. “Most people that live in rural areas don’t have access to medical... More

RURAL Study Hopes to Improve Health Outcomes in Mississippi

One in six Americans live in rural areas, including residents of Oktibbeha County. While living in these rural areas rather than big cities was advantageous to the overall welfare of Americans a few decades ago, University of Mississippi Medical Center cardiologist Dr. Ervin Fox said members of rural communities have... More

UAB Uses Mobile Clinic to Examine Disease Risk of Rural Southerners

One in six Americans lives in a rural county. These communities play a vital role in the United States’ economy, but their residents tend to live less healthy and shorter lives. The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health has started recruiting for a study that aims to answer the question... More

Now Hiring Locally in Alabama!

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is now recruiting candidates for 2 positions: Mobile Medical Examiner, which will work directly in the lab on the mobile exam unit, and Program Manager I - Mobile Exam Unit Please click the respective links below to see the job descriptions. All interested candidates should... More

Alabama Residents: Click here to hear our radio advertisement

RURAL Study billboards were put up in both Selma and Wilcox County in late 2020. Dr. Shauntice Allen, the PI of the Alabama State Core, recorded radio advertisements at a local radio station in Valley Grand to promote the Study. The radio advertisements have aired in Dallas County since November... More